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European Championship 2017


European Championship in Knife- and Axe Throwing / 17th Big Throwers Meeting, September 1-3, 2017, Alsómocsolád, Hungary


The EuroThrowers European Championship 2017 will be organised by the Sports Club of Alsómocsolád. It is held in Alsómocsolád, Hungary, the country of the famous Hungarian outlaw, Jancsi Rigac, partly in conjunction with the annual sports festival.


As usual, the most important goal is to get together knife and axe throwers from all over the world for some days of throwing in a relaxed atmosphere. Meeting old friends and finding new ones, learning some new throwing tricks. Having fun with wacky targets and throwing games. And, of course, we'll have a competition: the European Championship!


Alsómocsolád is a small, calm village in the foothills of the Mecsek mountain. It is situated only 150 minutes (by car) from either Budapest or Vienna. There are many sights around and in a few minutes’ drive from here, so an extended holiday sounds like a very good idea!


Competition Place, Travel and Law


Alsómocsolád Sportpálya, South-West Hungary:

GPS: N 46.312236, E 18.242408

The village is about 25 km north of the city of Pécs, near Dombóvár.







GPS: N 46.312236, E 18.242408.


General Travel


Every participant will travel for himself (or in groups), and will reserve his own local accommodation in advance.


In Hungary the Hungarian forint (Ft) is used in the monetary system. To pay, you must use your bank or credit card, or pay cash. To obtain forint cash, it is recommended to withdraw it from a cash machine once in Hungary.


The current exchange rates (2017/02) are as follows:

1 EUR = 310 Ft

1 USD = 290 Ft

1 CHF = 290 Ft

1 GBP = 360 Ft


How to get there


Warning! Please read and respect the laws regarding the transportation of the throwing tools before departure (see remarks below in this document).


In your travel, make sure you do not go via Switzerland, where throwing knives are not per se legal.


The nearest railway station is Mágocs-Alsómocsolád, which is around 1.5 km away from the competition place, on the railway line Dombóvár-Bátaszék. Organized transfer to/from the railway station is solvable after prior arrangement with the organiser!

Unfortunately, there are no buses on the weekends. Organized transfer to/from Mágocs, Dombóvár, or other villages is solvable after prior arrangement.

·        By plane: To Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport (BUD), then by public transport to the Budapest-Keleti railway station, and onwards by public transport (see above) or rented car.


Taxi from Dombóvár: +36 30 913 2466 (ca. 4500 Ft/route /max. 4 persons and luggage/).


Travel Times


Train Budapest-Mágocs:                       2:33 hours, 1 change

Train Munich-Budapest:                        7:00 hours, 0 change

Train Vienna-Budapest:                         2:40 hours, 0 change

Train Paris-Budapest:                          13:45 hours, 2 changes

Car Budapest-Alsómocsolád:                2:15 hours

Car Alsómocsolád-Balaton (Siófok):  1:20 hours

Car Vienna-Alsómocsolád:                    4:00 hours

Car Udine-Alsómocsolád:                     6:00 hours

Car Prague-Alsómocsolád:                    6:30 hours

Car Munich-Alsómocsolád:                   7:45 hours


Flight prices (there and back) and flight times (one way):

(numbers indicative, as of 2016/12)


Munich-Budapest:        150€    1:10 hours

Paris-Budapest:           150€    1:55 hours

Rome-Budapest:          150€    1:30 hours

London-Budapest:       180€    2:30 hours

Moscow-Budapest:     180€    3:05 hours



Get the exact timetables for your travel at

You can also buy tickets there – at a discount if you book early enough.

Buying tickets locally will require some negotiation in Hungarian.


Online e-tickets can be purchased in advance also at:

Please read instructions carefully!


Some timetables for you to get an idea:


Budapest-Keleti – Dombóvár (distance 173 km, travel time ca. 2 hours, no changes, ticket price /2nd class/ ca. 3700 Ft/person)

Dep:         Arr:

05:45       07:49

07:45       09:49

09:45       11:49

11:45       13:49

13:45       15:49

14:45       16:55

15:45       17:49

16:45       18:55

17:45       19:49

19:45       21:49


Dombóvár - Budapest-Keleti (distance 173 km, travel time ca. 2 hours, no changes, ticket price /2nd class/ ca. 3700 Ft/person)

Dep:         Arr:

06:05       08:14

06:58       09:14

08:05       10:14

10:05       12:14

12:05       14:14

14:05       16:14

16:05       18:14

18:05       20:14

20:05       22:14


Dombóvár – Mágocs-Alsómocsolád (distance 13 km, travel time 12 minutes, no changes, ticket price /2nd class/ 235 Ft/person)

Dep:         Arr:

06:06       06:18

14:06       14:18

16:06       16:18

18:11       18:23


Mágocs-Alsómocsolád - Dombóvár (distance 13 km, travel time 14 minutes, no changes, ticket price /2nd class/ 235 Ft/person)

Dep:         Arr:

07:26       07:40

15:26       15:40

17:26       17:40

19:31       19:45


Legal situation of throwing knives in Hungary


Throwing knives/axes are allowed, transport in locked box is required.

Do not bring any throwing stars or switchblades.

The police can ask for the reason of having the knives with you, so please be sure to carry a printout of the Championship invitation  (the website) with you, and your EuroThrowers membership-card (if available).




Accommodation and catering


Every participant is obligated to find accommodation for themselves. Janos Kohl will happily assist if there are problems in booking the accommodation.




On site there is the possibility for buying simple food; we provide free water to participants. Welcome drink and free dinner on Friday evening, free dinner on Saturday evening, and free lunch (or dinner) on Sunday planned for participants. (Non-participants are also welcome, but they have to pay extra.)


A small shop with basic foods can be found in the village. Opening times: weekdays: 05:00 – 11:00; 14:00-17:00, weekends: 06:00-10:00.

Bigger shops can be found in Mágocs or Dombóvár.


Catering will be available on site on Saturday and Sunday.


For smokers: There is no possibility for buying tobacco in any form in the village itself. Please be prepared for your stay here and have enough cigarettes with you.


Restaurants nearby:


Határ Fogadó

Mágocs, Béke u. 36.

Nou Camp Pizzéria

Mágocs, József Attila utca 16.

Lili Cukrászda

Mágocs, Szabadság u. 15.

Csendes Pihenő étterem



Szicilia-Pizzéria étterem

Dombóvár, Katona József út 37.




Accommodation on the very site (about 100 m from the throwing):


• Guesthouse: 3 double rooms and 1 room with double bed. Bathroom, TV, refrigerator, Wi-Fi. Self-catering is also possible in the fully equipped shared kitchen.

Prices: 1 night: 4.500,- Ft/person/night;

2 or more nights: 4.000,- Ft/person/night.

• Guesthouse mansard: 8 rooms with 4 beds each. Each room has a bathroom, two bunk beds, refrigerator, and TV. Self-catering is also possible in the fully equipped shared kitchen.

Prices: 1 night: 4.000,- Ft/person/night;

2 or more nights: 3.600,- Ft/person/night.

• Youth hostel: 3 rooms with bunk beds, for 10, 16, and 18 people respectively. Each room comes with a separate bathroom. Comfortable, bright parlour in the lobby of the rooms, with TV and refrigerator.

Prices: 1 night: 2.900,- Ft/person/night;

2 or more nights: 2.500,- Ft/person/night.


+ 400,- Ft/person/night tourist tax for adults.


Full board or half-board is available for the stay beside the local accommodation, to be paid extra. Only upon prior request!


In the village


There are more possibilities in the village itself, please ask for them using the above e-mail, if you cannot find an appropriate possibility to stay here or in the neighbourhood.


There are plenty of accommodations offered in the neighbouring settlements (Mágocs, Dombóvár, Bikal and others) ranging from camping sites to luxury wellness sites. (Prices are accordingly, too. See below.)


Holiday Houses for groups are available, too.


Some hotels in villages nearby can be booked via or



Possible accommodations outside the village:


If you do not have a car during your stay in Hungary, please rather try to book a room in Alsómocsolád itself, because public transport is almost absent here during the weekends. That's why organized transports are possible to/from nearly everywhere in the immediate surroundings.


Mágocs (7 km):


Mágocsi Horgásztó és Apartmanház

7342 Mágocs, Béke u. 17.

GPS: 46 21 55 N 18 12 43 E

For the fishing fans! Apartment for 4+2 persons right on the shore of a fishing pond.

It is situated about 8 km from Alsómocsolád.

Price: 18 000 Ft/night (in case of a stay for 5 or more nights you get discount prices!)


Bikal (12 km):


Cs. Nagy Vendégház

7346 Bikal, Szabadság u. 62.

It is situated about 13 km from Alsómocsolád.

Fully equipped apartment 600 meters from the centre. (Shops, bars.)

2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, restrooms. Pets are welcome, parking in the yard. Internet (wi-fi), cable TV.

Price: 3000-3500 Ft/night/person (depending on low-high season and need for heating).

Discount prices for children: free under 3 years; 50% reduced for children not older then 11 years.


Puchner Kastélyszálló

Bikal, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 22.

It is situated about 13 km from Alsómocsolád.

Luxury/wellness/historical mansion-hotel.

Prices: 22 000 – 38 000 Ft/night/person. (+ 400 Ft/night/person tourist tax for adults.)

Prices include: accommodation, half-board catering, use of facilities (pools, jacuzzis, saunas, wellness section, outdoor pools, fitness room, playground, internet, bathrobe, safe in the room, etc.).

Pets, organized programs, parking, full board, tickets to the Élménypark ( pay extra.


Egyházaskozár (16 km):


Szuppi Ifjúsági szálló Erdei iskola és Lovasudvar

7347 Egyházaskozár, Béke u.19.

It is situated about 16 km from Alsómocsolád.

There are two separate buildings: the hotel has rooms for 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 persons each (for 60 people altogether). Every 3 rooms have a shared bathroom and WC.

The so-called „small house” has rooms for 5-7-8-12 persons each (for 42 persons altogether). Every room has its own bathroom and WC.

Many programs, animals are available for children.

Prices: about 6500 Ft/night/adult person with full board in their own restaurant (the prices on their website show the tariffs for children under 14).


Dombóvár (about 18 km from Alsómocsolád):


Hotel Dombóvár

7200 Dombóvár, Hunyadi tér 5.

19 double rooms, 4 apartments (for 4 persons each). 

Prices: about 8000 Ft/night/double room; 15 000 Ft/night/apartment for 4 people. Breakfast: 800 Ft/day/person. Half-board: 2900 Ft/day/person. Free parking.


Please always bear in mind that in case you cannot find a suitable accommodation, or if you have problems with booking (language), we are here to help you!







Camping Klok or

7381 Ág, Kossuth Lajos Utca 3.

It is situated about 26 km from Alsómocsolád. (5 km on dirt road.)

Prices: about 4000 Ft/night/camping site for 2 people + 1 dog.




Camping Mindszent

7391 Mindszentgodisa, Petőfi utca 66.

It is situated about 41 km from Alsómocsolád.

Prices: about 5500 Ft/night/camping site for 2 people. 1000 Ft/night for extra persons.




Camping Máré-Vára

7332 Magyaregregy, Várvölgy út 2.

It is situated about 24 km from Alsómocsolád.

Prices: about 3300-5500 Ft/night/camping site for 2 people. 1250 Ft/night for extra persons over 12 years.





The organizer reserves the right to adapt the program in the course of the championship if needed.


Thursday, the 31st of August:


                     08:00          The training targets are available.


Friday, the 1st of September:


                     08:00          The training targets are available.

                     10:00          Registration open, meet and greet time.

                     15:00          EuroThrowers members meeting which will last until max. 17:00.

                     17:15          Opening ceremony.

                     18:00          All the competitors must be registered, signed in and have their info packs before 18:00.

                     18:00          Dinner (free for participants, to be paid for by all the others).


Saturday, the 2nd of September:


                     08:00          The training targets are available.

                     08:30          Briefing

                     09:00          Start of the precision throwing events knives on the distances of 3m, 5m and 7m. In parallel to the precision events the experimental events silhou-axe, speed throwing and duel qualifiers start.


We will not be stopping for lunch. Throwers are expected to have a lunch time meal as and when they can and prefer. (Simple foods and beverages will be offered on site. Water is free for participants.)


                     12:00          Tentative start of the precision throwing events axes on the distances of 4m, 5m and 7m. Continuation of the morning's experimental events.

                     18:00          Award Ceremony

                                        Announcement of the European Champions in precision events.

                                        Announcement of the throwers qualified for the finals of the speed throwing and silhou-axe events.


                     After the award ceremony: Dinner (free for participants, to be paid for by all the others).


Sunday, the 03rd of September:


                     08:00          The training targets are available.

                     09:00          Start of the no-spin walk back competition.

                                        The long distance events start.

                                        Continuation of duel.


We will not be stopping for lunch. Throwers are expected to have a lunch time meal as and when they can. (Simple foods and beverages will be offered on site. Water is free for participants.)


                     13:00          Silhou-axe finals.

                                        Speed finals.

                                        Duel finals.

                                        Moving target “Hab” begins.

                     18:00          Award Ceremony

                                        Announcement of the European Champions in Long Distance Throwing (knives and axes).

                                        Announcement of the winners in no-spin throwing.

                                        Announcement of the winners of silhou-axe.

                                        Announcement of the winners of speed.

                                        Announcement of the winners of the Duel Cup.

                                        Announcement of the winners of Hab.

                                        Announcement of the winning country teams.

                                        Official closing of the championship.


                        After the award ceremony: Dinner (free for participants, to be paid for by all the others).


Since the number of the participants is limited, the prior registration via email is compulsory. Application deadline: 20th of August, 2017.


Every participant is obligated to think about getting to the location and getting accommodation for themselves. If there’s need for a local accommodation, please arrange in advance.



(Data needed from every new contestant: First name, last name, sex, country (e.g. France), contact email address and possibly telephone number in international format.)


Website of the competition:


Entry fee: The entry fee is 12 000 HUF (about 40 Euros) per person, and should be paid on the local registration. The fee allows the participant to enter all events. If the contestant doesn’t want to enter particular events, it should be pointed out during the registration. (There will not be a fee reduction.) The entry fee includes the price of the dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well.


Please note: Non-Hungarian participants of the Championship, who are not members of EuroThrowers nor of
any club which is member of the EuroThrowers, will pay 5 Euros to the EuroThrowers.




Both the competition as a whole and the individual events (where applicable) will be held according to the uniform and official European Knife and Axe Throwing Rules.


For experimental and additional events, please see

for the full set of rules.

Everyone is waited for by the organizers!


Our supporters:

- Alsómocsoládi Önkormányzat
- Kardker webáruház